• August 21 08:04
    China Condemns U.S. Probe Into Alleged Intellectual Property Theft

    China's Commerce Ministry said it strongly opposes the launching of the U.S. Section 301 investigation against China, a sanctions mechanism that is part of the Trade Act of 1974.

    “The U.S.’s move of neglecting WTO’s rules and launching trade investigation against China based on its domestic laws is an irresponsible act,” China's Commerce ministry in a statement Monday. "The accusation against China is not objective,” it added.
    Section 301 was widely used in the 1980s under the Regan administration, according to NPR, and more recently, U.S. presidents have complied with a requirement to obtain World Trade Organization approval before using Section 301.

    China's Commerce Ministry said it will use all possible means to protect its interests.

    Last week, Trump authorized his top trade official to determine whether to investigate Chinese government policies and practices “that may be unreasonable or discriminatory, and that may be harming American intellectual property, innovation, and technology.”

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